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Bull City, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Beyond...HERE WE COME!


Right now, Bespoke functions as an online bakery. Customers can order online and the desserts are delivered to their desired location. While this works, it limits our customer base quite a bit. We are launching our iFundWomen campaign to reach the next step in our vision, a mobile bakery.


A mobile bakery will allow us to share our sweet treats with more people in a few ways: standard food truck operation, renting of the truck for an array of special events and occasions, and it will give us the ability to easily participate in several local festivals and existing events. Contributions will also go toward bigger commissary space, materials, and equipment.


Update 12/5/18: Thank you so much to everyone that backed our campaign! We didn't reach our goal, but we are closer than we were before and we have plans to start rolling in 2019!

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Our Backers

ROBERT JOBE                                DAVIS NATION                                    KATE DIEC

DOUGLAS SANFORD                     AARON HENDRIX                               MICAH SCOTT

DONOVAN CAVES                         LANA                                                   BRUCE BURKS

DANA TODD                                  NICOLE GAINES                                 SHAR TIGNER

KENYA HAMBRICK                         DARYL DAVIS                                       ASHLEE BROWN

KRYSTAL TAYLOR                           MICHAEL & EBONI COTTON             EBONY WYATT

SHETICA BATEY-WATSON             BRANDY WHALEY                               BIANCA FREDERICK            

JARVIS MORRISON                        ERICA MORGAN WEST                       CUBIE BEASLEY

JOCELYN DANIELLE                      GAMMA PHI                                         APRIL ADAMS

BARBARA SANFORD                     LASHONDA LEE                                   JOYCE THREALKILL

LEAH CLEARY                                BOB & AURELIA WOOD                      SARA AXELBAUM

KEYANNA WILLIAMS                     AMBER FLOYD                                     LATOYA BELL                            

LILLIAN IRBY                                  ERIN WOOD                                         HEATHER KORTH

CARL & KANDY ADAMS                DANIELLE NWIGWE                            BEKAH & MARTIN BOLEN

JOLENE UNLAND                         ASHLEY LISTENBEE                              CAROLYN JOHNSON

TERRA PRIDDY                              LATONNSYA BURNEY                           SASHA GILMORE

KAREN CAHN                               TONY & NIKKI CRENSHAW                  BIANCA JACKSON

BERLINDA DUNCAN                    KATHY HOWARD                                   RATHDA DAVIS

GRABRIELLE P. JONES-HAYES     NICOLE KEMP                                       ALICIA NESS

D'LLISHA DAVIS                            SANDRA MARLOWE                             LACHINA MCKINNEY



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