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In 2011, Trista Sanford started Yin Yang Cupcake Bar in her hometown of Nashville, TN. Although she saw much success with YYCB, she sought a fresh look and feel for the business when she and her husband, a Durham native, moved to North Carolina. Bespoke Bakery & Dessert Bar was born. Bespoke offers classic flavors as well as some unique combinations and all with a signature style. The mission of Bespoke is to provide customers with more than just desserts. We strive to provide an experience through exceptional service, amazing products and community. The Bespoke Approach is to enrich each customer's life through flavor and intention.

Indulge Responsibly...



I'm a Nashville, TN native and the "Woman behind the Whisk." I fell in love with food at a young age, often  watching Food Network after school and wanting to help out in the kitchen however I could. Although I am a self-proclaimed foodie, I love the alchemy, culture, nurturing and creativity of food. You can learn so much about people by knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how behind what they eat.

I also love reading, writing and spending time with my husband, Doug, and our baby cake, Naomi Grace. I am a learner by nature. I enjoy learning all sorts of random facts so if you need someone for trivia night...I'm your girl!

I love love and that shows up in my life in several different ways. I find joy in building people up - especially women - and motivating them to live a life they love. I am a sucker for using a free moment to practice self-care and supporting others however I can.

Favorite Dessert: Gelato - one scoop of coffee and one scoop of stracciatella please!

Hardly Home But...

As an ode to Nashville, most of the cupcakes are named after different neighborhoods, streets, and landmarks in Music City. From the wedding cupcake, East Ivy, named for a beautiful mansion in East Nashville to the  lemon blueberry cupcake that gets it's name from the historic city of Franklin...I am excited to bring a piece of home to North Carolina!




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